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Building bridges between strategy, creative concepts and artificial intelligence

Step into my digital workspace, where creativity meets strategy, and the power of data brings them to life.


Rewind to 1995. Picture a young designer hunched over a flickering screen, the screeching symphony of a dial-up modem providing the backdrop to the early days of the internet era. That's me, beginning my journey as a graphic designer. Each pixel moved, each line drawn was another step towards understanding the interplay between creativity and technology.

As an Art Director in various advertising agencies, I honed my craft further. I delved into the world of marketing strategies, weaving creative concepts that could resonate, inspire, and motivate. It was a thrilling journey, and yet, it was only the beginning.

Mastering social media and the art of conversation and crisis management, I navigated the dynamic waves of digital communication. Along the way, I developed compelling concepts for kids loyalty marketing and assumed the role of a marketing manager for numerous enterprises, harnessing the potential of storytelling and emotional connection in the digital world.

From art galleries in Belgium to Poland, I orchestrated communication strategies that bridged cultural differences and united audiences under the umbrella of shared appreciation for creativity.

The more I delved into this rapidly evolving digital realm, the more it became clear: Artificial Intelligence was poised to revolutionize everything. Its impact would be monumental, its reach universal. Believing in this undeniable influence of AI, I pursued a certification in 'Artificial Intelligence and Implications on Business Strategies' at MIT Sloan/CSAIL.

Today, I stand at the intersection of creativity, strategy, and data, ready to help you harness the transformative power of artificial intelligence. My journey through different layers of marketing, communication, and creative direction has uniquely positioned me to assist you in leveraging AI for strategic advantage and business transformation.

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, opportunities abound. Together, let's turn these opportunities into tangible realities. Welcome to the future, I am thrilled to guide you through it.

Luk Balcer
Communication Engineer - T:+32 456 14 63 08

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